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1. How long should I stay off my new driveway? You may walk on your new driveway almost immediately after we finish, but you should refrain from vehicle traffic for 3-4 days after and 

even longer in hot temperatures


2. Try to avoid parking in the same spot every time to eliminate the possibility of developing 'tire marks & divets'


3. Avoid using jackstands or car ramps unless plywood or something similar is placed under them to helpl distribute the weight


4. Excessive weight from large, heavy vehicles can depress your new drivevway so if you are planning on parking or storing large campers (or similar vehicles) you should discuss that

with your contractor during the planning/quoting phase 


5. Lawn chairs, high heels, bicycle or motorcycle kickstands exert weight on concentrated areas and will create holes and depressions in your new driveway


6. Why do some areas of the driveway look 'rougher' than others? Your driveway may look smoother in some areas because of the makeup of the asphalt. Asphalt has various sizes of stone, sand, and liquid asphalt cement which when all ingredients are combined can cause a vared texture of the surface. Also, areas that have been worked with hand tools or raked may appear different in texture from those spread by machine. This does not mean that one part of your driveway is 'better' it is simply part of the paving process. 

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