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Infrared Repair Process

With the desire to reduce our environmental footprint and offer our customers the best options available, we are constantly looking at ways of improving our processes and technology.


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We offer True Infrared repairs which is, in some circumstances, a superior repair compared to a conventional repair job as it results in a seamless finish while reusing the material that is already present.


What is Infrared? It is a specific wavelength or ray of light that is invisible to the human eye, but results in heat when absorbed by an object


How does it relate to Asphalt? By heating the asphalt with an Infrared heater you are able to bring it back to the consistency it was on the day it was paved and therefore repair it without replacing it all together


How does it work? Infrared rays heat the material by penetrating the surface and heating from the inside out - similar to the way a microwave heats your food. The rays will not heat more than one layer at a time but will instead heat that layer evenly


Will all material under the heater be heated? Yes, The heater distributes the infrared rays evenly throughout the surface underneath to eliminate the chance of 'cold spots'


Why is Infrared an excellent option for repair? Cutting and replacing a section of asphalt gives you a new surface, however that new surface will have a 'joint' with the old asphalt. By using the Infrared Repair system you create a thermal bond between the repair spot and the surrounding asphalt elimiating a 'joint' and creating a seamless repair thus removing any chance of water or dirt entering the crevice around the repair. This in turn maximizes the life expectancy of the repair


Is Infrared Repair Permanent? Yes. When you create a thermal bond and compact it properly, the end result is a permanent repair patch.

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